Abstract Amorphic 02: Exploring movement and personality with Miró inspired shapes

Abstract forms and composition

This is the second in my series of abstract paintings inspired by the shapes of Joan Miró’s work. In this series I incorporated new shapes, patterns and more of my own watercolor design elements. My goal in this series was to create movement and personality through the simple juxtaposition of shapes.

abstract amorphic shapes watercolor art by Joseph Kiely

Movement and composition

Playing with the orientation, shape and position of each shape I created the sense of falling rolling and colliding. The challenge was not adding anything to the shapes, only using static elements to create energy, movement and conflict.

Adding new elements and textures


To achieve a little more personality I started integrating textured and patterned shapes. I created forms filled with lines or dots that interacted and contrasted with the solid forms. These new shapes added a whole new layer of textural interest to the compositions.

abstract amorphic shapes digital artwork by Joseph Kiely
Patterns Rolling

Adding watercolor and ink


To achieve a more organic and spontaneous feeling I started exploring the same ideas with ink and watercolor on paper. The permanence of these mediums forced me to commit to the shapes and let them inform the compositions. The goal was no judgement and to let each mark guide me to a composition with balance and harmony.

abstract amorphic shapes ink and watercolor sketches by Joseph Kiely
From my sketch book

Next steps in the exploration


I am happy how the explorations turned out – each a little different but all filled with a feeling of movement and personality. I am now curious what will happen if I take this concept into 3D. Create simple graphic 3D shapes that seemingly dance and interact with each other in a three dimensional space.

abstract amorphic shapes digital art by Joseph Kiely