Photo Exposition of iconic Argentinians by Gianni Mestichelli

The Exposition: Íconos Argentinos

At the Museo Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires I stumbled across an interesting photo exhibition of historical and cultural figures of Argentina by Gianni Mestichelli. You can view all the images and biographies about each individual online on the web page for the Exposition Íconos Argentinos.

Museo Casa Rosada with a photo exhibition of famous Argentinians with a black white photo of woman with a mask

The exposition space

The gallery space was laid out in a very interactive and interesting way with the large photo prints suspended in small groupings. This enabled you to walk through each immersive vignette and get up close and personal with each person. Gianni Mestichelli captured the personality of each individual in a slightly different way using gestures, props and emotional expression.

Museo Casa Rosada with a photo exhibition of famous Argentinians

Museo Casa Rosada

The Museo Casa Rosada holds nearly 11,000 historical objects from Argentina’s political past. One of the highlights are the objects from Juan and Eva Perón (Evita) . It is inside the ruins of the old customs house (the arches are visible in the main gallery space) and next to the remains of the Buenos Aires Fort.

How to find the Museo Casa Rosada

The museum is not one of the main tourists sites and is often overlooked. It is behind the Casa Rosada Presidential Palace and can be reached by walking down the street to the right – see it on Google Maps.

The unexpected discoveries of travel

This is what I love about traveling – you wander into surprising new spaces that surprise and engage you. Not only do you learn about another culture but also find new sources of inspiration.