HBO Rebrand with light halo around the HBO logo

HBO Branding & Promotion Motion Graphics

Branding + TV Promotion

The project goals

As the creative director for Viewpoint Creative I built and managed a talented team of designers and animators that became the go-to-group for HBO’s promotion.

The partnership culminated in the global HBO rebrand that was bold in its simplicity yet premium in its execution. It used out-of-focus footage as the backdrop for the tune in typography. The focus was on HBO’s original content – a brand vision that remains true  today.

HBO brand guidelines

The out-of-focus show footage was the source for the brand color scheme. A series of strategic footage pieces were used to develop the blooming light effects that wrap the logo and footage mortises. When combined into a black world with white typography it made for a flexible but beautiful brand package.







HBO Rebrand style guide font gotham
HBO Rebrand style guide brand fonts
HBO Feature Presentation open design

HBO original series and movie promotion

Design oriented promotion and image spots were created for HBO’s Original Series and first run movies. The motion graphics integrated seamlessly into the footage and promotion creating organic worlds and surprising transitions.

HBO image sizzle

Each year the best of HBO Series and Movies are wrapped up in year-end sizzle. The goal each year was to develop an organic design that integrated the footage into the HBO premium experience.

Movie tease campaigns

Custom movie teases were created to promote the first-run-films on HBO. Custom 3D worlds and iconic elements from the movies were used to create unique teases for The Dark Night, Avatar and more.

HBO seasonal movie promotion

Every season HBO aired a new set of movies – the challenge was to wrap this content in a graphic world that hinted to the seasonality while maintaining a premium feeling. This promotion was particularly successful – inspired by hanging ornaments the titles were suspended in a branded 3D space.

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