Modern Real Estate Brand & Web Design.

Branding Website

The branding and website project goals


Modern REI specializes in educating and guiding investors through the process of acquiring high-end real estate. They wanted a brand and website that was contemporary and clearly communicated their goals of revolutionizing the approach to real estate investing.

Business man viewing a real estate web design in a laptop

Modern REI logo design development


The logo icon for Modern REI was based on 3 core attributes. First the letter M from Modern, second a house with a symbolic window and third an arrow to represent investing. The final logo was created by folding down the roof to create the arrow and the flipped house.

Modern real estate logo design in a phone

Responsive real estate website design


A strong call to action, social integration and video content created an engaging website platform for Modern REI to build on. Modular sections for additional video and promotional content were created to allow maximum flexibility in the future.

Real estate web design

Small business website design

Blog posts and secondary web page templates


The modular design motif was carried throughout all the master and template pages of the website. Ads and social media widgets were integrated into the sidebar and injected directly into the body content of blog posts and index pages.

Real estate website design in a ipad

The brand style guide and identity system


A style guide outlining the logo usage, colors and typography was delivered along with a suite of identity materials. This gave Modern REI a full toolkit to use as they built out their social media profiles and marketing materials.




Montserrat font in a brand guide

Source Sans Pro typeface style guide