NBC Universal logo animation design

Main Titles + Motion Design

Logo animation design goals

Kiely Design developed a range of NBC Universal logo design concepts for Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero . The studio animation needed to celebrate the legacy of NBC Universal but also move it into a new digital streaming age.

The chosen logo motion design concept created the logo with thousands of particles that represented the depth and breadth of NBCU’s programming. The particles coalesced creating the final logo mark.

The final logo animation

The incredible team at Smith Geiger Fathom ran with the approved design concept developing the final logo animation. The look was rolled out across a variety of pre-roll elements and marketing materials.

Edit and animation by Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero

Logo concept exploration

Kiely Design looked at a variety of concepts for the NBC Universal logo animation. The goal was to show a wide variety approaches from the iconic Universal globe to the colors of NBC.

Concept: Legacy

The suns rises over the Universal globe as the camera pulls out through the logo. The sun flares over the horizon blowing out the imagery and creating a new modern white environment.

Concept: Fiber Optics

Premium content is streamed through the NBC colored fiber optic streaks which fill up logo. The camera pulls out revealing the logo filled with undulating colors that slowly change over time.

Concept: Magnified

The letterforms of NBC and Universal merge and magnify each other as they fall back in space resolving into the the complete logo.

Concept: Colorful

NBC Universal is filled with range of colorful programming illustrated by the burst of color particles. Short vignettes of color explosions reveal the abstract letterforms which fill up the final logo on its resolve.

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