Paramount Network Design Toolkit and App Concept_

Promotion and design project goals

Design Toolkit & App Design

Paramount Network needed an engaging and modern graphics package designed to wrap its brand and launch videos. I developed the concept of the ‘Paramount Mountain Constellation’ for Stun Creative. The constellation guides viewers through the content of paramount to introduce new stars and innovative content.

Paramount Bellator design for a video app

Paramount Network design toolkit style guide


A bold color statement was created by combining primary blue with highlights of saturated magenta and yellow. Large cropped white typography highlights key copy points while also creating a sense of movement. The typography driven brand easily adapts to broadcast TV, print, websites and apps.




Bebas Font brand guide design

Font style guide design
Paramount network outdoor design in blue with soccer player
Paramount video app design

Video streaming app design concept

App Design

A proof of concept app design was developed to show how the brand look can ripple out into an engaging streaming video service. Immersive imagery anchors the app design while still being cleverly designed to adjust for varying mobile devices and orientations. Additionally the color brand was extended creating a unique color experience for each genre of programming.

Paramount video app design
Motion graphic design
Entertainment Video app design
Video app design for a entertainment company