ipad with skivs mens fashion website design ipad with skivs website logo design

SKIVS Men's fashion brand & web design.

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The project goals

I helped SKIVS create a new menswear brand that was impactful and bold creating a solid foundation for future expansion of its fashion line. The initial goal was to create a powerful logo, website and packaging for a line of underwear for the discerning male professional.

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The brand identity

The contrast of classic and modern was used to create an upscale and premium brand feeling. A contemporary blue was combined with a luxurious gold and a traditional serif font was paired with a contemporary sans serif font.




font kepler
font proxima nova
SKIVS brand identity design on business cards and mobile responsive website design
SKIVS mens fashion website responsive website design in iphones
SKIVS mens fashion web design in smart phones

Responsive website design

The website pairs the product benefits with aspirational imagery to inspire the male consumer to engage and sign up. Modular sections were created to allow further expansion and crafting of the user flow and engagement.

Skivs mens fashion logo in an iphone
iPhone with Deboski & Co. non-profit website section
SKIVS mens fashion website design

Premium product packaging

Packaging was developed that showed the product and outlined the unique construction and benefits of this premium underwear line.

SKIVS underwear packaging with product benefits info-graphic
SKIVS premium mens underwear packaging
SKIVS mens fashion clothing packaging

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