Assemble Talent Agency social media toolkit

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Instagram feed photographer design template in an iphone

Toolkit project goals

Assemble Talent Management needed a comprehensive social media brand make-over that spoke to potential creative talent and clients alike. The toolkit needed to be bold and eye catching featuring the work from a growing roster of top directors and content creators.

floating smart phones with creative social image designs

Featured creative talent

Artist profile templates were developed to highlight the bio and work of the creative talent. A wide range of templates allowed each creative to have a unique look that stood out in a social media feed or instagram stories.

creator profile instagram template design with black and white photos and quotes

Sequential instagram postings

A series of sequential instagram stories and post templates were developed for behind the scenes stories and new project management tools developed by Assemble. These flexible elements integrated imagery and information while telling a larger story within the native social media environment.

Instagram feed design

A mile-high view was taken to understand how individual posts, promotion and sequential stories would look in the instagram feed.

Additionally the icon system was extended into stories to create consistency and illuminate key promotional areas.

instagram feed design and story icon templates for a photographer
product instagram template design and sequential image postings

Social media style guide

A minimalist color palette was developed for maximum visual impact while letting the creatives work stand out. To maximize the social media vertical format a condensed typeface was paired with an easy to read san-serif.

Additionally a system of icons was created to highlight the unique features the are offered by Assemble.







This new color palette was combined with a light sans-serif font for messaging and a digital inspired font for informational copy.

font bebas neue bold

font neue haas grotesk roman
assemble talent marketing icon designs
behind the scenes images and new work instagram template designs

Expansive toolkit design

The toolkit included instagram stories, profiles, feed analysis, post templates, sequential posts and social media covers. A variety of vertical and horizontal formats were provided in order to feature 16×9 video and vertical print content. Each element had multiple designs giving an infinite amount of options for a fresh social media feed.

facebook cover design template and instagram feed for a photographer in a computer and smart phone

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