BRAVO TV brand refresh and streaming app design concept

Project Goals

Bravo was looking to explore a brand refresh including a new logo and overarching brand experience from on-air to to digital. The goal was to create a brand that felt relevant for bravo’s changing demographic and its new focus on original programing.


Bravo Logo

AGENCY (Formerly Stun Creative):

Known Logo
Bravo tv app design for New York Fashion Week

Bravo logo development

A series of new logos were explored to visualize how to maintain the brand equity of the “bravo thought bubble”. Ultimately I recommended a fresh new mark that integrated the thought bubble directly into the logo word-mark.

iPad logo sketches for the a brand logo

Bravo digital extensions and app design

The new iconic logo mark created a strong and memorable app icon that prompts users to engage and share. I extended the app beyond just a list of shows and added a way for consumers to collect favorites, create playlists and customize notifications.

Woman holding a smartphone with a video app design
Video App Design for a streaming video service

On-air motion design style frames

Each franchise and show was branded with an additional color that worked with with the over-arching bravo color palette. Bold and irreverent typography was layed over iconic program imagery infusing the package with personality.


Effra Bold Type Design
Squict Plain font

Effra Font style Guide
Egyptian Slate typography brand guide

Real Housewives





New York typography design for a motion graphics toolkit

Odd Mom Out





Below Deck





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