CNN Audio brand promo campaign and digital toolkit

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CNN Audio project goals

CNN Audio saw an opportunity to reach a younger and more engaged audience through it’s podcast programming. They needed a refreshed brand look and associated campaign that tied their podcast properties together while also speaking to a new audience. Kiely Design worked for the creative digital agency Known to explore the brand logo and overarching campaign concepts.

CNN Audio digital brand campaign

Brand look and feel

To illustrate how CNN Audio was breaking out from its core audience the square logo was blown out into a radiating bloom of colorful sounds waves. The new younger listener and CNN talent are integrated into this vibrante world of engaging and accessible stories.

CNN Audio brand campaign poster designs
CNN Podcasts brand campaign design

Logo mark development

The goal for the CNN Audio brand mark was to develop a simple yet differentiated mark that worked well with the existing CNN logo. The visuals of sound, audio and stories were stripped down to essential icons and woven in with the brand mark.

CNN Audio logo design exploration

Podcast and digital assets

The color wave was extended through the podcast covers and social media promotion. The red source of the wave is anchored behind the CNN Audio logo while the bloom of color is altered to reflect the podcast content.

This flexible brand motif allowed for a range of promotional elements from graphic only instagram posts to a fully integrated talent campaign.

CNN Podcast brand design and CNN Audio instagram promotion campaign

Brand guidelines

The core CNN brand red was expanded into a vibrant color wave which creating a youthful and visually impactful brand for a new demographic. Three key colors anchor the new brand while extending its versatility; light blue, red and yellow.


CNN Audio brand gradient






This new color palette was combined with a light sans-serif font for messaging and a digital inspired font for informational copy.

CNN Audio brand font acumin

CNN Audio brand font IBM Plex Sans

Design exploration

A variety of brand and campaign looks were explored in conjunction with each logo concept. By pairing the mark with its visual concept it created a full picture of each marks potencial. The concepts that visually related to storytelling like the audio wave or story line resonated with the client.

CNN Audio brand campaign design with colorful audio waves

Audio Landscape

The iconic sound wave creates a landscape of colorful content that weaves through and around CNN Audio, its demo and talent. The CNN Logo is slightly augmented with the word audio while the audio wave brand motif drives the new visual look.

CNN Podcast brand design in a computer and on instagram

Story Line

An audio progress bar becomes the divider in the CNN Audio logo mark. This bar becomes a storyline that runs through all of the programming and promotion. It visually ties together large campaigns, podcast covers and CNN talent to relevant stories.

CNN Audio Podcast brand design with an audio progress bar in a computer and on instagrm
CNN Audio Promotion Print Campaign

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