NPR Up First brand refresh and campaign design

Project Goals

NPR’s goal was to freshen up it’s premier morning news podcast brand ‘Up First’ in order to appeal to a broader audience. They then followed up with a cross media brand campaign to roll out the new look.


NPR Logo
NPR Up First Podcast and Instagram
NPR Up First Brand Colors and Brand Kit Book Design

Brand Toolkit

A comprehensive style guide was developed with the brand personality, tagline, logo rules and promotional assets. The logo gradient, inspired by the morning sunrise, became the base for a range of color expressions used throughout the brand guide.





Gibson Bold
Source Sans Regular
NPR Up First Podcast logo design in a brand style guide book

Digital advertising campaign

For the launch of the ‘Up First‘ weekend podcast a digital banner and social media campaign was developed. Through close partnership with the NPR creative team we developed the campaign line ‘Wake Up. Catch up.’ The copy and concept was paired with the new brand mark circle rising through a cloud filled sky.

For the social media campaign the visuals where extended to allow for topical promotion. With a variety of pre-templated content the social feeds can be updated regularly to increase engagement wiht the growing NPR demographic.

NPR Up First Social Media Design Toolkit in a brand guide book
NPR Up First Instagram design for news social media design

Brand and concept development

As part of my brand and campaign development I always explore a wide breadth of design and copy options. This allows us to see the brand articulated into a variety conceptual and visual applications. Additionally we can vet the strongest direction and share these explorations with stakeholders.

New Advertising Campaign design
News advertising campaign design for NPR Up First News Podcast

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