Social Set fashion social media campaign design

Digital Marketing

Instagram fashion design campaign

Marketing project goals

I developed a comprehensive social media and marketing campaign for Social Set Creative Studio Space. The campaign focus was attracting fashion influencers to join the studio in order to connect, collaborate and create professional social media content. By using Vogue inspired typography and elevated fashion photography we enticed them to join the growing community of photographers, stylists and video professionals.

Instagram fashion social media design

Social media design toolkit

Custom templates with guides for a variety of social media sizes and uses was delivered as a toolkit to Social Set. Included in the toolkit files where layout guidelines and a variety of design elements to make a wide range of social media content.

Instagram fashion design campaign

Call to Action Templates

Graphic and image based marketing messages allowed for a wide range of looks to match specific events and promotions. Additionally the typography section where designed to handle a variety of content of messaging.

Smart Image Formatting

Custom photoshop files where made so that multiple social media sizes could be saved out with only one file. For example one design for Instagram could be saved out in 3 sizes; one for stories, the second as a portrait and third as a square for the feed.

Instagram fashion design campaign smart instagram templates
Fashion social media campaign

Design and content variety

In order to keep an active, fresh and updated social media presence I strategically planned out a wide range of design options. By adjusting the photo, color, shapes and typeface a whole new unique campaign is created in seconds.

Social media design

The social media style guide

A complimentary fresh color scheme was created with a range of dark and light colors that all worked together to create a variety of moods. The addition of large type graphic forms and organic shapes created a variety of looks from casual to high fashion. This gave Social Set an array of design options with color, typography, shapes and photography.











Boxed typeface social media design
Boxed font

Typography graphic accent Lust Display

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