PULS Wireless Headphone AD Campaign Design_

The AD campaign project goals

Marketing & Advertising

I developed a strategic advertising campaign proposal for the line of PULS audio accessories while at Stun Creative. The goal was to embody the freedom that wireless digital products can bring to an active consumer’s lifestyle.

Ad Campaign design concept mocked up in a outdoor bus shelter

Campaign style guide


A premium black base with contemporary mint blue and yellow to highlight messaging and be in harmony with the product. Modern bold typography kept the message simple, clear and strong.




Font Flama Brand Guide Design

Font Brandon Grotesque style guide design
AD campaign proposal design and in store kiosk design

The “Free 2BU” campaign concept


The unique shape of the logo tagline was brought to life by integrating it with the consumer and the product. It became one with the demographic’s lifestyle and experiences.

Two Ad campaign designs featuring wireless headphone ad campaign and product in the studio and in an urban street environement
Wireless headphone ad campaign design in a bus shelter
Wireless headphone campaign design

Campaign marketing proposal and design


An in-depth campaign proposal was designed using infographics to illustrate the demographic landscape, product insights and campaign activation strategy.

Campaign proposal design with custom designed charts, graphs and sample Ad campaign designs in a 3d book
Ad campaign brand proposal book design