Showtime Championship Boxing Jake Paul vs Woodley shoot concept and design

TV Promotion + Concept Design

Concept development and design goals

Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero invited me to develop several shoot concepts and designs for the Showtime Boxing Paul vs Woodley fight. With limited footage for the fighters we needed to create a heavily designed environment to introduce this epic matchup. In partnership with the Vivid Zero creative team I helped previsualize the winning concept ‘Hologram’.

CONCEPT: Hologram

Showtime Championship Boxing promo design

Promotion & marketing style guide

A holographic color scheme was developed to match the creative. It was paired with a digitally distressed geometric typeface for the main messaging and code inspired sans-serif. Additionally I designed small tech elements, a custom grid and distortion effects to be used throughout the design and compositing.







CNN Audio brand font IBM Plex Sans

The Jake Paul vs Woodley promo

Edit and animation by Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero

The concept design exploration

As part of the pitch I explored two additional design directions. Each idea was designed to keep the shoot streamlined and focus the viewer on the boxers, matchup and potential impact the fight would have.

Showtime Championship Boxing promo design

CONCEPT: Shatter

To emphasize the impact of the matchup up I created look based on shattered glass. The initial impact combined with CG glass created a design environment to refract the live action shoot and footage elements. The fighters and typography are refracted in the shards that coalesce back together into the matchup frame.

Showtime Championship Boxing concept design Jake Paul vs Woodley

CONCEPT: After glow

The two sides of the matchup are defined through color blocking. By creating a simple color light setup each fighter is featured and contrasted against the other. The contrasting colors and fighters emerge from the blackness ready for the boxing match.

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