Showtime Boxing Mayweather vs Logan Paul campaign design

Project Goals

Showtime Championship Boxing was looking for a range of new design concepts for it’s upcoming series of Boxing PPV fights.


Showtime Logo


Vivid Zero Logo
Showtime Boxing PPV pitch design for Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul promo creative

The chosen design concept was inspired by the bold and brash social media world of Logan Paul. Online navigation buttons and arrows nod to the sharing environment of social media. The circular element of instagram and twitter profiles was used throughout to id each of the boxers.

Edit and animation by Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero

Style guide

A contemporary color pallet was combined with an impactful san-serif font. The combination of color, imagery and irreverent typography made the campaign stand out on social media and in TV spots.





font acumin condensed black
Showtime Boxing outdoor campaign design for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Social media promo design

The overarching look and feel was used to developed a series of short Youtube tune in teases. By juxtaposing the dark and light colors throughout the spot it grabbed the attention of the viewer quickly. In addition the tune in was designed to frame the content and be ever-present throughout the whole spot.

Edit and animation by Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero

Showtime Boxing design concept for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul on modern grey background

Remixed Design Concept

showtime boxing title design for Floyd Mayweather

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