Telemundo World Cup 2022 promo and set graphics toolkit

Promo Design + Graphic Toolkit


I worked for the talented team at Gameday Creative to develop the design toolkit for the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Telemundo. The goal was to create a streamlined graphics package that worked across a variety of formats and deliverables from the set graphics through to promo videos and highlight reels.

The set graphics toolkit

The set design elements were developed to work in both the horizontal and vertical screen layouts. The central logo and echo are used as the anchor point for all the graphics. Each element was then developed as unit so they could easily stack vertically or horizontally.

Telemundo World Cup 2022 set graphics
World Cup 2022 design on telemundo promo endapge

The Telemundo World Cup promo design guidelines

The brand color palette was expanded with a wider range of colors for the gradients along with a reddish Telemundo inspired light glow. A bold typography system was developed to deliver impactful promo messaging while still providing clear and concise information.


Purple Gradient

Telemundo Gradient

Gold Gradient



font adobe dharma gothic heavy
font adobe niveau grotesk bold italic
Telemundo World Cup 2022 design development

An extensive design toolkit

The graphics toolkit delivered on a wide range of elements for the set and promo videos. All of the core elements worked interchangeably together with the golden echos framing and guiding the eye to the key information.

Team and country title cards

Player title cards

Promo Title cards and lower thirds

Telemundo World Cup 2022 title card designs

Animation direction

Along with every design I created animation boards for each element. Additionally I developed a suite of transitions that could be used alone or paired with the individual toolkit elements.

Design and concept development

No stone was left unturned during the development process. Everything from country colors to unique typography elements were explored. The result was a vibrant package that stayed true to the overarching brand yet was full of personality, versatility and potential.

Telemundo World Cup 2022 design development

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