HBO Real Time with Bill Maher show open designs


Joseph Kiely has designed and developed the past two HBO Real Time with Bill Maher Show Opens that have been airing for over 6 years.

Joseph developed the overarching design look and metaphorical imagery for the initial launches of each new show open. He focused on creating designs that were engaging yet flexible so that the content could be updated to reflect current events.

Concept + Design

Show Open 2024

The goal for the new 2024 Real Time Show Open was to engage the viewer with a stimulating juxtaposition of the current political issues but with a positive skew.

Joseph looked at several different visual approaches ultimately resolving on a collage style inspired by Warhol’s prints and Banksy’s urban art. Each visual concept juxtaposes diffrent points of view through metaphorical imagery letting the viewer draw their own interpretation.

Edit and animation by PopClutch / Open Road



patriotic palette

The classic red and blue palette was tweaked to be more modern and relevant. A rich range of blue grey backgrounds are punctuated by the bright magenta red, blue green and lime yellow.









complex metaphors

Political issues are notoriously difficult to simplify much less distill down into a single image. The more complex and layered ideas required a more complex sequences of visuals to communicate the idea.

HBO Real Time with Bill Maher design with a hacker on a computer





ITC avant garde font
urw din font
HBO Real Time with Bill Maher show open design army with a dead man on a stretcher diagonal and circle design juxtaposing a luxury pool and woman
HBO Real Time with Bill Maher main title design laundering cash

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