HBO Real Time show open design

Main Titles + Motion Design

I developed the concept and original design for the new main title design of “Real Time with Bill Maher” while at Stun Creative. The circle clock shape was used to represent the countdown to Real Time. Additionally the circle served as a graphic window juxtaposing visuals of the past with the present.

Color and typography style guide

A highly charged color scheme was developed to mimic the ever-changing moods of politics and people. An aggressive dark blue and burgundy are punctuated by bright cyans and green. A digital inspired typeface was used to mimic the look and feel of code and a modern clock.







Font Flama Typography Style
Flama Font Style Guide
HBO Real Time with Bill Maher show open design army with a dead man on a stretcher diagonal and circle design juxtaposing a luxury pool and woman
HBO Real Time with Bill Maher show open design juxtaposing selfie taking teens with the marines raising the flag
HBO Real Time with Bill Maher main title design laundering cash

Concept and design development

Through extensive stock image searches and design iteration, a series of visual metaphors that represented the relevant issues of today were created. The circle motif created modularity allowing the imagery to be updated with the changing political landscape.

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