ABC Good Morning America show open and brand refresh

Show Open + Motion Design + Graphic Toolkit

Project brand refresh goals

I developed the brand refresh design and graphics toolkit for Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero. The goal was to freshen up Good Morning America with a bright new color pallete and modern esthetic. The GMA sun logo was used as the central axis of a compass that guided and revealed the morning news.

ABC Good Morning America design
ABC Good Morning America show open design west coast

The show open

The circular compass was expanded into a series of radiating rings that opened up each morning highlighting the stories of the day. Emanating from it’s central core a series of color and image overlays created a dynamic open into the top stories.

Edit and animation by Smith Geiger | Vivid Zero

A new vertical cold open

Additionally a tech inspired vertical cold open or bump-out was designed to highlight upcoming stories. The stacked content slides open then swipes off like a smartphone notification.

Good Morning America updated brand style guide

The original ABC Good Morning America brand colors was expanded to be brighter and friendlier incorporating a new bright light blue and warm yellow gradient.







A clean condensed sans-serif was combined with a tech inspired modern serif for information and navigation.

Avenir Next Bold Font
IBM Plex Sans Medium

Graphic toolkit design

In addition to the show open, cold open and close I designed out a variety of template elements for the lower-thirds and exclusive stories. Each element worked seamlessly with each other using the compass elements to guide the viewer.

ABC Good Morning America show open design Washington DC

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