PBS Independent Lens brand refresh and graphic toolkit

Branding + Digital + Motion Design

Independent Lens brand proposal

The entertainment agency Leroy & Clarkson turned to Kiely Design to help develop the concepts and designs for the Independent Lens brand refresh pitch. Independent Lens was looking for a flexible and modern brand that integrated across all media in a smart and impactful way.

Pitch design samples:

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Concept Focus

Concept Focus

Concept Frames

Concept Framed

Concept Framed

Concept Layered

Concept Layered

Concept Essential

Concept Essential

Brand direction

Independent Lens chose to move forward with the layered design motif combined with a progressive color palette. The angle within the logo was utilized as portal that opened up to a layered world of stories. The brand was blown out across on-air, social, digital banners, print and a variety of promotional materials.

PBS Independent Lens Style Guide with colors and gradients

Brand style guide

A detailed and comprehensive style guide was designed to clearly break down each element of the brand. The expanded color pallette allowed the brand to match the tone and manner of each documentary. The brand needed to work on its own and with a range of content from the serious to the heart warming.







Bold condensed typography was utilized for impact but also to allow longer titles to work effectively across a range of smaller digital media assets.

League Gothic Font

Bebas Neue Font
PBS Independent Lens Branding social media style guide
PBS Independent Lens Style Guide with PBS media elements

Digital and social media assets

The brand elements where broken down into a range of useful templates and elements to be utilized on twitter, facebook, youtube and instagram. Additionally the on-air video components were developed in a modular way to allowing them to be used on social media with horizontal, vertical and square layouts.

PBS Independent Lens social media design for instagram and facebook

Documentary key art co-branding

An easy to use content forward template was created for the featured documentaries promotion. The Independent Lens brand was integrated into the artwork while still allowing the documentaries original look to shine through. All the associated materials were considered from print ads through to online and tv.

PBS Independent Lens documentary branding
PBS Independent Lens documentary social media template designs

Flexible motion graphics package

The motion graphic toolkit utilized a thoughtful tune in system that worked in traditional HD video assets and also in square social media formats. This unique formatting allowed the team to setup one tune in for multiple deliveries across a range of assets.

A variety of transitions, opens, background beds, lower thirds and credit beds rounded out the on-air motion graphics package.

PBS Independent Lens Branding video motion graphics toolkit

The main titles

One of the key components to the video brand package was the main title open that introduced each documentary. This was an opportunity to showcase the broad range of content that Independent Lens brought viewers and connect it all back to the the Independent Lens logo.

Edit and Animation by: Leroy & Clarkson

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