The project goals

Motion Graphics & TV Promotion

I designed and art directed the ABC News Election Night campaign while at Stun Creative. The stars and stripes of the American flag created a surprising visual journey that leads the viewer through the presidential election landscape. A mix of soundbites, typography and imagery brought the TV ad to life.

TV campaign style guide


The iconic American colors of red, white and blue were modernized and highlighted with a touch of gold creating a premium campaign feel. The Lubalin typeface was chosen for its block like shapes that mimic the stripes of the American flag.




Flexible graphic toolkit


The stripes of the American flag were used to create a dynamic and flexible graphic toolkit that weaved the election imagery, candidates and ABC hosts together. Ever-changing key words highlighted the hot topics and provided a contextual backdrop to the imagery.

The ABC News team

ABC News

A national campaign needs flexibility – so a customizable end page toolkit was designed giving local ABC stations the ability to easily insert their own news team.